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I don't know from where this song came from. But after I wrote it and tried to understand it for the first time. It sounded like it was a spirit fawning and playing with the quintessence of all life. An ethereal spirit more on the ultra feminine, an Empress I think. You can have the song for free :-)

But please promise to support independent Artists they need your love and support. The artists that really need your support are the ones you never heard about until you did. Much love to you XOX


Sometimes I put my music on,
Sometimes I catch my favorite song
As the wind flies through my hair and through the air.
(Optional) as my shades go on and off sometimes I stop and stare.

Somehow I know you've felt this before underneath heavens door.
Cause we walked in adobe places, where the wishes of the world filled the spaces, between our faces. Like kisses. Like kisses. Like kisses.

And you are irresistible not to love.
And you are all all he thinks of.

Come on here you tethered dove don't you know you're a wish a kiss from (blank space) (blank space) (blank space) ... above.
So go and fill the spaces between all those faces, like kisses!
Blow Him kisses.
Blow me kisses
Blow us kisses.
Blow us kisses.
Blow me kisses.


Written and composed by me. Do not judge my weak guitar skills. I am not a guitar player. Just learned the instrument.



all rights reserved


M California

Ethereal, Syncretism, Cogent, Visceral, Amalgamation.


My name is M... I was born with a map on my legs. I live to breath in and exhale creation, life, music and art.

I wanted to name the album, Stories of the world. But I found the name New Language to be simply fitting. But I'm always finicking around names.

I am an Artist born in Ophiuchus Pisces-Ram-Libra rising.

Maha Asahra
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